Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Madness -- Reading Edition

Ever since I can remember, I've always liked stories. It's always nice to be able to have a quiet moment to sit down with a good book and venture off into another world for a time. So, I thought it would be fun to share some books I've read and stories I've journeyed through this past month. :)

A Family Apart
Image result

My rating:
5 stars

Imagine being taken from your home. Imagine your mother is the one who lets it happen.
 This is the fate that befalls the six Kelly children. Their widowed mother has sent them west from New York City because she’s convinced that she can’t give them the life they deserve. The Kellys board an “orphan train” and are taken to St. Joseph, Missouri, where their problems only grow worse. It was bad enough that they had to say goodbye to their mother, but now they’re forced to part ways with their fellow siblings as well. Thirteen-year-old Frances won’t stand for it. She’s going to protect her brothers and sisters, even if it means dressing up like a boy and putting herself in danger.

My review:
Historical fiction is my absolute favorite, so of course, I dived right into this series. I had started a novel (with the help of the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum) some time ago about someone who travels on the Orphan Train. I have been putting on the back burner for a while (I hope to pick it back up again soon), but ever since then, I've always been interested in learning more about the Orphan Train and the children who rode on it. I hadn't seen a whole lot of novel-type books like this on the Orphan Train before, but near the beginning of March, I found this series listed in the back of another book and excitedly hopped onto the computer to find it (well, more like I hopped into the computer chair... that wouldn't have turned out too well if I had hopped onto the computer....).

But, anyway, to get to the point, I wasn't disappointed. This first book in The Orphan Train Adventures is told very well and it's message about sacrifice is most poignant. It brings quite a few other historical events into the picture as well, including Lincoln on the verge of being elected, and the Underground Railroad. This story of a tightly knit family that unexpectedly gets torn apart is an excellent story that, especially for those of you who enjoy historical fiction, I heartily recommend.

(Okay, so that was a longer review than I had intended it to be... the rest of the books I list will most likely have a shorter one just to let you know.)

Caught In The Act
Image result

My rating:
4.5 stars

Eleven-year-old Mike Kelly is adopted by a German immigrant farm family living in Missouri with a sadistic owner, a bullying son, and a number of secrets, one of which may be murder.

My review:
After finishing A Family Apart, I realized that the next few books to follow in the series would each be written from one of the older Kelly children's perspectives, which I thought was neat. The first one was from the oldest sibling, Frances Mary's perspective, and this one, the second book in The Orphan Train Adventures, is told from Mike, the oldest Kelly boy's perspective.

This was an intriging mystery which I enjoyed quite well. Great plot and great characters. One of my favorite quotes from it was this one:
"I don't understand why people think slavery is right."
"The answer is that they don't think. If they examined the issue, they might have to act on it, so it's easier for them not to think at all."

In the Face of Danger
Image result

4 stars

Shy Megan Kelly cannot forget the day a gypsy read her palm announcing to all that she would bring trouble to those around her. Afterward, trouble does follow her, until, with her newly adopted family, she takes the necessary steps to free herself from the burdens of fear, loneliness, and superstition.

My review:
This was a very adventurous, and overall, great story. It's a little annoying, however, when Megan keeps going back to the curse a gypsy put on her years ago and thinks that it's the cause of anything bad that happens to her or to those around her (including the reason that all her siblings get separated). I guess that every main character needs a weakness, though. But in the end, with the help and encouragement of her adopted parents, she conquers her fears and realizes that bad things just happen sometimes, and that all of it isn't her fault, and that she can overcome those circumstances with good. Overall, I quite enjoyed it. :)

Abe Lincoln at Last!
Image result

My rating:
4 stars

Jack and Annie have a magic tree house that will take them anywhere in history. In this adventure, the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to Washington D.C. in the 1860s where they meet Abraham Lincoln and collect a feather that will help break a magic spell.

My review:
Okay, so I know. This isn't really a book written for my age group. But I found this one at the library and thought I'd just check it out for fun... And me being the historical-loving person I am, I thought, why not, ya know? ;) I actually really got it thinking of my younger brother, but one evening I decided to pick it up and read some of it.... which ended in me actually reading through the whole thing in the course of an hour and a half maybe...
Image result for sound of music gif

This was a fun, enjoyable story. It's message of hope and doing the right thing was nicely portrayed throughout Jack and Annie's adventures. I liked it. :)

How to be a Success in Life
How to Be a Success in Life   -     By: Kenneth W. Hagin

My rating:
5 stars

This booklet emphasizes that true success depends upon developing the spiritual man, seeking wisdom to deal wisely with the issues of life, cooperating with God, practicing the Word, and obeying the voice of God (obey without delay). Be encouraged and challenged to rise to godly standards and enjoy a successful life.

My review:
So this is a booklet, not a full-sized book, but it was still just as good. This was a great read, and it's not one of those ones that you read one time and then you're done. It's like a little handbook that you can go back to and read over again and again. And it's not that long, too, so it's not hard to do. I highly recommend it.

Well, there you have it. That's probably the most books I've read in a month for a while. It was madness... March madness, that is. :P Okay, not really madness -- but it was really a lot of fun! :D I think I'm going to try to do posts like this again at the end of each month telling what I read/watched/am going to read, or something like that. We'll see how it goes. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. Have you read any of these books? What did you read in March?

P.P.S. Oh yes, and just to let you know, I really did read all these books, just in case any of you were skeptical with it being April Fool's Day and all. :P

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Just for a Laugh...

So, I like a good laugh. Proverbs 17:22 says that "A joyful heart is good medicine".
We all need a good laugh now and then. You apparently can lose 10-40 calories laughing for just 15 minutes a day. So, if you're looking for a good weight loss program, I may have just found you a good one. ;)

Anyway, without further ado, here are 10 things to make you laugh today (or at least smile).

But first off, just to let you know, there's a MAJOR SPOILER BELOW!!

Major Spoiler Below:

Don't we all?


Haha, yes! After a while you want that roadrunner to get caught by Wile  E. Coyote...:
Isn't it though?! It's amazing how FAST he could paint such amazing paintings as well!

Haha, too true...:
"But it's a SHORT chapter!"

Hee hee...
Just a spoonful...

"Take it from my hands!"

Hehe... just... back away slooowly...

Aww man! Really??

So true:
"Well, I really called to just ask you real quick about how to fix my computer because I have a really important email to send, and it's a little stressful, but you know what... a flute solo would really help me to calm down and relax -- it sounds like just the thing to melt my stress away! Thanks!"

Well, I hope you folks enjoyed that. :) I'm the kind of person who probably spends too much time finding likes to find funny/witty pictures like this on Pinterest. Oh, all the wasted hours on Pinterest... well, that will have to be another post. :P Anyway, I hope you had a good laugh, or at least a good smile out of that. :) Now, why don't you go get yourself off your computer or phone or tablet or whatever ridiculous device you may be on, and go enjoy this wonderful day that the Lord has made?!

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Liebster Award?!

Hello again, everyone! So, Olivia -- dearest Olivia over at her lovely blog, Meanwhile in Rivendell... nominated/tagged me for this Liebster award thing about... six months ago.... and I didn't realize that I had gotten tagged for it until just the other week... D: My deepest apologies, Olivia.

Image result for liebster award
I've never done one of these before, so bear with me.

OH, but before I get started, I'd like to give out the bit of information I obtained about the Liebster Award because I found it interesting and I like to learn new things. :) The word "liebster" is actually a German word and has several definitions, including: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, etcAnd so the Liebster Award is supposed to be an online award given by bloggers to other bloggers to "spread the love we all so desperately desire," (as worded by the first thing that popped up when I Googled "Liebster Award.") It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. 
See, doesn't this now add much more meaning to this award when you actually take the time to get to know a little deeper into something about it? :D

Anywho, to move on, here now are the Official Liebster Award Rules:
1.) Link back to the person who tagged you.
2.) Answer the eleven questions.
3.) Tag 11 bloggers, and let them know you tagged them.
4.) Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions.

The Questions:
1.) Tell us four names (if you don't know the answer to any, just tell the ones you do know): one that your parents would have given you if you were the opposite gender, one they considered once they knew your gender, one you would choose if you got to choose your own name, and one you would NOT like to have.
I'm not really sure what my parents would have named me if I had been a boy... possibly Ethan.
My parents had considered Ana-Faith, but they didn't want me to only be called Ana, so it turned out to just be Faith in the end. :) 
I really like my name, but if I had to choose another one... oh, there are so many choices... Maybe Grace. Or Sarah. Or Virginia. (That's more than one, I'm sorry...) 
One name I wouldn't like to have would be Ryan.

2.) If you were to adapt one of your favorite stories, what story would it be and how would you tell it? (movie, musical, webseries, play, book, etc?)
Ooh. Again -- many possibilities. It would be really cool if the true stories told in More Than Conquerors by Terry Mize was made into a movie. Especially the hitchhiker story at the beginning. (By the way, I heartily recommend that you go get and read this book.^_^)

3.) Tell us four of your favorite words. 
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Edelweiss, Blessing, and Turquoise. (I have many more of course, but I thought I'd actually restrain myself this time and go by the rules, unlike with question 1. up there. :P)

4.) What is a life lesson you have learned in the past year?
Hmm. Well, one thing I've learned is that it's important to just be you. Not someone else, but you, because God made each one of us so unique and one-of-a-kind. But also not to JUST be you, but to be the person GOD wants you to be, not the person YOU just want to be or think you should be.

5.) Who is your favorite secondary character in a book you've read recently?
I've reread parts of Toliver's Secret recently, and one of my favorite secondary character's in it would probably be Mr. Higgins.

6.) What are five of the books on your TBR list right now?
A Family Apart by Joan Lowery Nixon --- Heidi by Johanna Spyri -- Drummer Boy at Bull Run by Gilbert Morris -- Anne of the Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery -- and Ten Hours to Live by Brian Wills (I've read part of this book before, but never got to finishing it; I really want to go back and read the rest of this, because it's so good.)

7.) Tell us one talent/skill you have, and one you'd like to develop.
One skill I have is being able to sound out the melody to pretty much any song on the piano. One I'd like to develop is........ wow, there's so many. O_O Well, I'd honestly like to learn how to tap dance really well. It just looks so much fun! Yes, I know it would take a lot of hard work, but I think it would be worth it. I mean, who wouldn't want to learn how to dance on a table top so effortlessly??
Related image

8.) What's the best joke you've heard recently? (Awful puns are highly acceptable!)
So the broom said, "Sorry I'm late, I over-swept." (from a Progressive Insurance commercial I saw recently. :P)

9.) Share a quote from the book you're currently reading.
Cassius: "Did Cicero say anything?"
Casca: : "Ay, he spoke Greek."
Cassius: "To what effect?"
Casca: "Nay, and I tell you that, I'll ne'er look you i' th' face again. But those that understood him smil'd at one another, and shook their heads; but for mine own part, it was Greek to me."
~From Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

10.) What song is stuck in your head right now? (Or just share one that's been bouncing around recently if you don't have one right now.)
Well, I don't really have a song stuck in my head at the moment, but we've had a lot of songs playing around here from Jordan Feliz's albulm The River. Here's one of them...
11.) What do you want your life to be like when you're a little old lady?
Well, of course, I'd want to be able to be able look back on the past years of my life with satisfaction, knowing that I've done so far what God's called me to do. I'd also want to still be quick in mind and in step, and have a loving, faithful husband to spend those golden years with. I would enjoy time with family, have the kids and grandkiddies come over, and grandma would read or bake cookies with them. :) I'd want to pass on stories from the past, give wisdom and advice and teach and build up the next generation in the Lord and in His Word.

Okie doke. Time for the tagging/nominating! Olivia (Because I want to give back some love and make it up to ya, and I realized that I'm supposed to ask new questions anyway. ;) ) Emma, Jane, MiaFaithJonathan aaannnd.... so, I don't really know that I can think of five other bloggers that I really know at the moment..... D: so I might just have to bend the rules a bit and leave it at these six awesome blogger people. But if you're reading this, and want to answer these questions below on your blog, you're more than welcome to!

So, here's your 11 questions, tagged people:

1.) What made you want to start a blog?

2.) What does your first name mean?

3.) Did you know when you were younger what you wanted to be/do when you grew up? Do you know or have any idea now what you want to do?

4.) If you could see yourself from someone else's perspective, who's perspective would you choose and why? (It could be a family member's, a friend's, your local librarian's, etc.)

5.) What was the last book you read? What was your opinion of it? Did you like it, or not so much?

6.) What was the last movie you watched? What was your opinion of it? Did you like it, or no?

7.) What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book?

8.) What quote (from a book, movie, or YouTube video) do you find yourself saying often?

9.) If you could live in any other previous time period, which one would you choose?

10.) What would you consider your favorite thing to do in your free time? What do you ACTUALLY end up doing in your free time?

11.) What is one thing that you always want people to remember about you after you're gone?

Well, that's it for now, folks. If you read all that, I hope you enjoyed it. I quite enjoyed myself in answering and giving out questions anyway! Thank you again, Olivia for tagging me! :) I hope you all have yourself's a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Imitating Love

Happy Valentine's Day!
Image result for singin in the rain gifs

This is a day people usually either really love, really hate, or really don't care anything about.

I'm the one who's more on the end of not caring so much. Well... no, not really. It's still a really fun day, and sometimes we do special things like bake cookies or a Valentiney dessert, or make Valentine cards for family. :) But since this holiday is aimed more for couples, and me not having a "special someone" to celebrate with, Valentine's Day's relationship with me has been more like...
Related image
Okay, so maybe that didn't really make sense. I just wanted to use this gif. Sue me.

Anyway, usually on Valentine's Day, I tend to think more on the amazing love God's shown toward me and all of us. So let's talk about that for a moment, shall we? :)

If you've been a Christian for any length of time, I'm sure you've read, or at least heard this passage of the Bible before: "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Now, in 1 John 4:8 it says that, "God is love."

And then, if we go over to Ephesians 5:1 we find that we're supposed to "be imitators of God as dear children."

SO -- if we put this all together, we see that God is love -- not just the definition of it -- He IS it. And so then, if God is love, then He is all those things in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. God's patient. God's kind. All those things. And there in Ephesians it just told us that we're supposed to be imitators of God. AND SO, now that we've figured out that God is love, and that love is patient, kind, not envious, etc., we should now know what we are supposed to be imitating, right? We're supposed to be being patient, kind, not envious, not boastful, not proud, not dishonoring others, not self-seeking, not easily angered, not keeping any record of wrongs, not delighting in evil but rejoicing in the truth, always protecting, always trusting, always hoping, always persevering, and never failing.

Now, I know, you're probably thinking, "Faith, you seriously expect people to be able to keep up and do all that?" Well, it IS quite a tall order. But apparently God thinks it's doable. He does tell us in Philippians 4:13 that we "can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us."

"But, Faith," you continue. "no one's perfect." I know. No person except for Jesus has ever lived a perfect life here on this earth. We haven't always got it right. That's obvious. But so, because of that, should we stop striving for excellence? Should we stop trusting God to help us? In Philippians it doesn't just say, "I can do all things" and stop. No. It says, "I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME." God's not expecting us to be imitators of Him -- of LOVE -- on our own strength. It's through GOD, trusting in Him for help and strength, that we will be able to love others the way God loves us.

So if you, and only you, are striving to be like God, like Love, well then, you're probably not going to get too far. But if you are doing those things with the help of God, through His strength, you can do anything that God has for you to do. I like that!

(Mind, I said to be LIKE God, not BE God, or be over Him. No no no. Be LIKE Him. Like, when you were younger and wanted to be LIKE your dad or mom, and imitated them in doing different things -- like wanting to build stuff or cook like they did. :) )

So there you have it. My thoughts for the evening. I hope that made sense. I think it did. Well, if all of it didn't, hopefully some of it did.
I hope the rest of your evening is wonderful -- full of love, roses, and chocolate. Or, if you're still single like me, maybe just chocolate. ;) And of course, full of thoughts on God's love and plans to strive to imitate Him in everything you do. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! <3

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Purposeful Year

Happy New Year! And a very late Merry Christmas to you all as well! I hope you had a grand one!

colliernoire:    Happy New Year darling..  kiss kiss:

It's a new day. A new month. A new YEAR. Guys, it's amazing, isn't it? Out of all the different times we could have been born into, God chose to place us in this one. 2017. We get to take part in this 2017 experience. Isn't it incredible?! We're all here for a purpose!

Sometimes finding out what God's purpose for each of us here is easy to find and sometimes it's not. But there is one purpose I know of for sure, that all of us are called to: to"go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)

Does that mean that all of us are called to literally go travel to different countries of the world to tell others about Jesus? No, I don't think so. Are we all called to the mission field, though? Well... yes. Mexico and Africa aren't the only places with mission fields. If you think about it, everywhere we go is a potential mission field. We don't have to travel halfway across the world to get the chance to help out struggling people and tell them of God's love. Where you are right now is a part of "all the world", too. You have a mission field right where you are --- in your neighborhood, school, and even in your church.

So don't wait until you raise enough money to go to Mexico with your youth group to tell others about what amazing things God has done in your life and to help out others in need. You can do it right now, right where you are.

So, I challenge you, along with myself, to especially ask God this year for extra courage and boldness to tell others about the Good News of His Gospel. Because Jesus is coming back so soon, guys, and we don't want anyone to miss out on what is to come! It's gonna be so good!

Let's make 2017 our best year yet! Have a wonderfully purposeful New Year, everyone! :)


"This New Year I said, 'I have two choices: It's [going to be] a good year --- It's [going to be] a bad year.' [I decided] it's going to be a fantastic year." ~ Magnus Scheving

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Headers and Kitties and Cuteness, Oh My!

Hello there! Here I am once again with my once-every-couple-months blog post! :P

You may have noted that the top of my blog looks a bit different. Well, with inspiration from a few other blogs' headers, I decided to make a picture collage header for my blog portraying a portion of some of the things I like (4/5 being movies :P) So... what do ya think?

One thing that I like to do a lot is to take pictures. So I've been taking quite a few pictures of all sorts of different things this past Spring and Summer -- especially kitties. ^_^ Why would that be? Well, let me tell you.

A while back this stray white cat decided to move underneath one of our storage buildings as well as have two litters of kittens there. So two of the kittens (one from each litter) we decided to tame and claim as our own, and OH MY GOODNESS THEY'RE THE MOST ADORABLE KITTIES... I JUST... I CAT EVEN RIGHT NOW, GUYS. I personally enjoy having them around. :) Growing up, we always had at least a couple of cats at our house, but for the past year or so we hadn't had any other animals except for chickens, so I think a lot of us were quite excited at the prospect of having kitties once again. ^_^
So with all that being said, I thought that I would share a few of these kitty pictures with you. Hope you enjoy! :)


Kitty love. <3

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Top Five Favorite Westerns (Legends of Western Cinema Week)

Howdy, folks!

I'm a bit late posting this, but my dear friend and fellow blogger, Olivia and her friend, Emma are hosting a "Legends of Western Cinema Week" on their blogs this week, where apparently there are supposed to be posts galore pertaining to westerns. So, me, a liker of all things historical, especially western-type things, naturally wouldn't pass up this golden opportunity at participating! (And what a great way of getting me more motivated to post here again...) So I wanted to get at least one post up for this grand occasion before the week was up!

I thought I might tell y'all of five of my favorite western movies, (not in any specific order; and mostly comedies, because clean, family-friendly comedies is another thing I really like :) ). And I'll just give a semi-review of each one while I'm at it. So here we go!

Hot Lead & Cold Feet

This hilarious old west saga involves twin brothers who end up competing for the possession of the run-down town of Bloodshy, founded by their supposedly deceased father.
This one is hilarious stacked up on hilarious! I think my favorite characters would have to be Sheriff Denver (Don Knotts [get used to that name... you're going to be seeing a lot of it in this post. ;)]) and Rattlesnake (Jack Elam).

"You're fast, Denver, but not that fast, nobody's that fast!"

And Jim Dale does an awesome job of playing three parts in this movie, both twin brothers and their father. Mr. Bloodshy (the father) and his assistant, Mansfield, might just be my next favorite characters. (Because how can you just have just ONE favorite character in a movie like this?)


The Apple Dumpling Gang

This rollicking gem of hilarious genius tells of slick gambler, Donavan (Bill Bixby), and a great mix-up involving him picking up some "valuables" from the stagecoach for John Wintle. These "valuables" end up being three children, and Donavan finds he's been duped into caring for them.
The children also befriend not-so-bright, but hilarious bandits, Amos (Tim Conway) and Theodore (Don Knotts), which are the ones mainly to blame for the ridiculous hilarity that this movie is.

And yes, of course the other characters, (the children, Donavan, Dusty, the sheriff, and all them) are all wonderful, but I'm sure it wouldn't be half as funny without these two dudes.

But they're really all great, don't get me wrong, it's just that it might get to the end of the week before I was finished talking about all of them. :)

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again

This sequel continues the adventures of Theodore and Amos in their attempt to become law abiding citizens. But they find it a bit difficult when they end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and get blamed for robbing a bank. Now they're on the run from feared (and cocky) lawman, Marshal Wooly Bill Hitchcock (Kenneth Mars), who they accidentally get the drop on and humiliate on several occasions.
I think I may like this one better than the original. Don Knotts and Tim Conway once again hit the nail on the head with their comical genius. :D

And Wooly Bill Hitchcock, despite his arrogance, is a rather hilarious character. It's especially fun seeing him getting beat up throughout the movie. :P

The Gunslinger


This adventure, the first in the Witchita Slim Trilogy, follows former outlaw and gunslinger, Wichita Slim (Kenneth Copeland), who is now a born again Christian and is about to become a U. S. Marshal of the Oklahoma Territory. Of course, some of the townsfolk are worried about if he's really changed his ways or not even after several years of going straight, and are hesitant on the idea of him becoming a marshal. And they get in even more of an uproar when on the night of his swearing in, the local bank gets robbed and Witchita Slim appears to have disappeared with the bandits.

I grew up with this movie, and this western is a near and dear one to my heart. :) It was made and produced by Willie George Ministries in the 90s, and it's a wonderful mix of excitement, humor, and the Gospel.
The other two movies in this trilogy are "Covenant Rider" and "Treasure on Eagle Mountain".

It's hard to pick a favorite character, because they're all so grand. And it's also hard to find very good screenshots from this movie as well... :-/ So here's just a few gifs from it that I whipped up for ya.

the gunslinger kenneth copeland

bill gunter u.s. marshall
In this scene, this fella here, Johnny Silvers is about to take on Witchita Slim. The funny thing about this is that the guy who plays this character (John Copeland) is the real life son of the man who plays Witchita Slim (Kenneth Copeland).

the gunslinger kenneth copeland gospel bill

The Shakiest Gun in the West

This classic follows the adventures of Jesse W. Haywood (Don Knotts [Again? Yes, again]) a recent graduate of a dental school in Philadelphia, who ventures out west to become a dentist on the frontier. But he runs into many complications in his new environment, including finding himself tricked into marrying a former outlaw (though he doesn't know that yet, of course), Penelope "Bad Penny" Cushing (Barbara Rhoades), that's now working as a spy to track down a ring of gun smugglers in order to get a pardon from jail.

I would imagine the phrase, "hilarious stacked up on hilarious" would go for this one as well. Well, really, how can you go wrong with Don Knotts involved? Plus a whole other assortment of hilarious (have I used that word already?) characters!

"Abel Swanson, proprietor, at your service."

So here's once again another comedic gem that I would recommend heartily, along with all the others above. :D

So, here ya go --- five of my favorite westerns (at least comedic westerns ;) ). Have you seen any of these? What's your opinion of them? What are YOUR top five favorite westerns?

Have an adventurous, rip-roarin' weekend!