Sunday, February 17, 2019

Happy New Year + Happy Valentine's Day + An update of sorts

Happy New Year! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello hello.
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How has y'all's New Year been going so far? How was your Valentine's Day? I hope all of you wonderful people have been doing well! :)

So... I've been rather absent here since Christmas, haven't I? Except for that last Super Bowl/sports post thing, I haven't done any real blogging since last year...

So, what's been going on? Where have I been? What have I been up to? Am I ever going to start blogging consistently? .(..And whatever happened to that Q&A post I was supposed to be doing for my 3rd year blogiversary back in November?? Heh heh...)

Well, friends, let me tell ya.

First off, yes, I WANT to start blogging more consistently. But then the answers to these other questions above have been kind of keeping me from being able to do that. Where have I been? What have I been up to? What's been going on?

Well, mainly right now for me it's been... College. Yes, indeed, college.
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I've been mainly studying for CLEP exams, which has been going pretty good! (What are CLEP exams, you ask? In a nutshell they're basically exams you can take to get out of taking a regular one semester college class, and by passing the exam, you earn the same college credit you would in that class. They can save you a lot of time and money! I would definitely recommend looking into them, fellow college friends! Make sure to check out the official CLEP website to find out more about it. It's definitely worth looking into!)

So anywho, yeah, that's what I've been doing a lot of recently. But besides that, a few other random things I've been doing with my year so far has been... keeping the score book at my brother's basketball games, winning a free Dominoes pizza (two different times) from a halftime 3-point shot competition thing at two of said basketball games, seeing and hanging out with friends at basketball games... yeah, a lot of basketball games. xD Especially last month anyway. But besides that, there's been church, Bible studies, sending out church letters and calendars, taking care of adorable, yet mischievous kitties, tidying up around the house, trying to ACTUALLY write and work on my stories, finally getting my driver's license, celebrating my birthday.... and now trying to get back into blogging!

Alright. But what about that other question... the Q&A? Whatever happened to that???



This Q&A WILL happen.


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Just be patient with me, guys. :P

So, as I'm trying to get back into blogging more, one other thing that I thought would be fun, and hopefully motivating for me, would be to blog about my college adventures I'm now up to! I've been on the college road since September of last year, but it seems like I'm just now really picking up on it, and I'd like to share some of the things I'm doing for college, helpful programs/websites/etc. I've found, and just share my learning experience with you all so that maybe you can learn something about how to do college better, too! And I also would like to share more of my story writing projects that I've been working on some as well. So... we'll see how that goes! ;)

Anywho, that's all for now. I just wanted to come say "hi" again, and give you all an update of sorts. I really do hope to be able to do more with this blog this year!

I hope you're having a lovely evening, and I'll write to ya later! God bless! :D

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Dedication // God vs. The Super Bowl

Happy New Year! How has your all's year been going so far? :)

So yes, I realize that I should probably have done some sort of New Years thing for my first post of the year, but this is just something I've been thinking about today and thought it just needed to be said, so... here ya go!

So. Today is the day. The BIG day. The day that all the frenzied football fanatics everywhere gather together with friends and family around their TVs to watch -- yes, my friends -- none other than the great Super Bowl.

I'm not much into watching football or the Super Bowl myself. So of course, because of this, I'm not very dedicated to watching this big game and all that. I mean, if I go to a Super Bowl party (which is a rather rare occasion), I'd honestly just mainly be there for the socialization and snacks. Pretty much.
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So yeah, basically my not caring so much for the game makes me to look at some of the super dedicated fans of it in a bit of awe. It's so interesting to see how pumped and excited people can be for something..... something as seemingly simple as a man throwing a leather ball to another guy who runs as fast as he can while the other team tries to clobber him. Thrilling, eh? I mean I get it, it is rather impressive the length that those guys can throw the ball, and how fast they can run, etc. But... well yeah, you get what I'm saying. At least I think you do... Do you?

BASICALLY WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS that I've been thinking a lot about this today... that is, how people get so excited and pumped and dedicated to the Super Bowl, and football in general really. It's incredible. And as I've watched this phenomenon more and more, over time, I got to thinking about it in a different way than I had before.

Recently, there was a football game on TV that either my dad or one of my brothers were flipping past one day. I wasn't really involved in watching it; I was just passing through the room when I saw people and players running out on the field at the end of the game, jumping, shouting, and SO EXCITED. Then I stopped. I watched all these joyful, excited, exuberant people. They were so excited, I suddenly thought with an internal chuckle, "Did someone just get saved? You would think so..." Then it hit me. If these people can be so excited about winning a temporary football game... Christians should go WILD when someone accepts Jesus as their Lord, and is saved from eternal torment! How EXCITING is that?!?! I thought. Christians should be SO MUCH MORE excited about this, right?! Why aren't more excited when someone gets saved?! Why haven't... I been more excited....?
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So, I started thinking more about this lately. And especially today with the Super Bowl happening and all, I've begun to wonder...

What if Christians were as dedicated and excited and pumped about God and what He's done like people are about sports?

What if we treated God and His Word like so many do football and the Super Bowl? What if we spent hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to be able to get a seat in an outdoor arena in the cold of winter to be able to hear God's Word preached and taught to us, to be able to praise and worship and go wild about Jesus with other like-minded believers, and to be able to see God work miracles in people's lives?

WHAT IF WE SO ESTEEMED GOD AND HIS WORD LIKE THAT? Like all these other dedicated people, who paint their faces and cheer and shout, excited, exhilarated, invigorated -- all in hope of a football player catching a ball and running down a field across a line in order to make a touchdown to outscore the other team. What if we were as excited as they are about what God did and is doing??

GUYS. We have SUCH a greater hope, SUCH greater news than a certain football team winning a game that will be soon forgotten in years to come. We have an ETERNAL, LASTING hope! An ETERNAL, LASTING destination with God in Heaven! Jesus scored the ultimate touchdown -- He loved us so much, so he decided that he would touch down to earth to come and save us from all our sin! The God who created this whole universe -- who created YOU -- KNOWS you and LOVES you and CARES about you SO MUCH! WHAT AWESOME NEWS THIS IS!!!
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So guys...


Let's get more excited about God!!!!! If people in this world can be so excited like they are about a football game that will only last for one day -- HOW MUCH MORE excited should we be about this amazing hope that we have in our Lord Jesus, and in His grace and mercy toward us that will last FOREVER AND EVER!!! WE SHOULD BE SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh come on, y'all, it's okay! You can get excited for things like this... we were created for it!!! Let's not hold back our excitement and joy for our Great God and in what He's done for us!!!
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"Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands! Serve the Lord with gladnessCome before His presence with singingKnow that the Lord, He is God; it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praiseBe thankful to Him, and bless His name
For the Lord is goodHis mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations." 
~Psalm 100

Don't ever forget how loved you are by your Heavenly Father, and never be afraid to show your excitement for Him! :) Of course, we don't HAVE to take time to praise and worship and show excitement for God -- He will of course still love us just the same! But He's been so good and done so much for us... why don't we do something for Him for a change? He deserves and is worthy of our praise!

I hope all of you have a great rest of your evening, and I'll write to ya later! God bless!

P.S. If you like football and watching the Super Bowl, please don't think that I'm trying to say that that's a bad thing -- I'm just trying to say that we need to keep our priorities straight. Watching and playing sports is fine, but as God's Children, our relationship with our Father should come FIRST and should be placed ABOVE all these other things. So, please don't let me spoil your Super Bowl/ football fun... just always remember to keep God FIRST in everything you watch and do! :)

Monday, December 31, 2018

But Daddy Said

Well... Christmas just blew by, didn't it?! And now here we are -- New Year's Eve!!!

So, with Christmas flying by so quickly I didn't get to post all the things I had wanted to for the 12 Days of Christmas blog party I participated in this year. I was happy that I was at least able to do two posts, but there was especially this one that I had pretty much finished that I was planning to post Christmas Eve... but unfortunately, I never actually got around to it. But instead of waiting another whole year, I decided, why not just share this post now and have a little after-Christmas party? So... here it is! :)

Growing up, our parents never did the whole Santa thing with my siblings and me. We've joked around about Santa Claus sometimes, and even usually leave cookies and milk for "Santa" -- but we were always told and knew that it was really Mommy and Daddy leaving us presents, and that the jolly old bearded man who is said to live in the freezing North Pole with his happy little elves, making toys for good children and mining coal for the bad ones, was all just make believe. So, of course, when my parents told me he wasn't real, I believed them. I trusted them, not giving it a second thought.

But when I was around five or six years old, my trust was put to the test. One evening (I think it was Christmas Eve) me and some of the other kids at our church were standing outside on the church porch after a service, probably getting ready to leave to go back home.

So we were out there chattering and such when one of the older girls pointed up suddenly and said to me, "Look! It's Santa's sleigh! There!"

I jerked my head up and searched the night sky for a second. "Aw, you missed it," she said.

And then our conversation continued something like this...

"You were just joking," I said back to her.

"No! I really saw it; Santa's sleigh was really there."

I stared up at the moon bright in the sky that night, searching deep into my thoughts for some explanation. And then the thought hit me... IS Santa actually real? Is she kidding? But why would she lie to me? She keeps saying it's true... Maybe it... IS true...
Santa & Sleigh Caught in Sky By Camera
This older girl kept insisting it was indeed true, that his sleigh really was just in the sky. I can just imagine now the mischievous fun she must of had messing with my innocent little five or six year old mind.

It wasn't too awfully long before I came to myself, however. Daddy and Mommy told me Santa wasn't real. They wouldn't lie to me. I knew that. So, I chose to believe them instead of this girl. I put what my parents said above what she had said.

Most of us would probably say that we trust our parents more than other people we don't know as well. Especially when we were little, and didn't know doubt like we do now, we would believe and trust anything our parents told us was true because we trusted them.

So, I was thinking... How much more then should we trust and believe our Heavenly Daddy and in what He tells us is true above what others say?

Even if our parents are the best parents in the world, God is still a much better Father to us than they could ever be. Like Jesus says in Matthew 7:11, "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!"

If we've had good, loving, caring parents all our lives, we've built a trust in them. We know we can trust them because we know their character. But sadly, a lot of people, even confessing Christians, don't seem to know much about God's character -- so because of this, they don't fully trust Him. They think He's the one causing all their problems and is out to get them; they think they can never know what God will do. They think He is breaking and hurting them.

But this isn't what God is like at all! God is a trustworthy Father. He is faithful. He is love. God doesn't give us problems -- He gives us answers! I think there are actually many times when we forget that there's a devil in this world, too. God isn't the bad guy. The devil is the one who's doing the killing, stealing, and destroying here on this earth and in our lives -- not God! God is working to help us out of those messes the devil tries sending our way. And He sent Jesus to this earth to give us life -- and not only that -- but life more abundantly! (John 10:10)
Scripture Art - John 10:10 chalkboard style (custom narrow size)
If we knew just how good our Heavenly Father is to us, more than even our earthly parents, then how easy it should be to trust in Him and what He says! When we know we can trust God, we can, much easier, be able to take Him at His word. When the devil tries to play with our head and throw a lie in our face, we can think back to what our Daddy told us is really true. When the enemy tells us the lie that we can't do something, we remember the truth that our Daddy said we could do all things through Him. (Phil. 4:13) When the enemy tells us that we're all alone, we remember the truth that Daddy said He would never leave us or forsake us. (Heb. 13:5) When the enemy tells us we're a loser, we remember the truth that Daddy said that we're more than conquerors through Him who loved us. (Rom. 8:37)

We can be like Jesus when the devil tried to tempt Him in the wilderness. (Matt. 4:1-11) When the devil throws a temptation or lie our way, we should be saying right back to him, like Jesus said, "'It is written!' What my Father says is the truth of the matter, and I choose to believe and trust Him -- not you."
| January | Wonderful Snow Days
God really is good. He loves us so much. And one big way you can especially see His love is through the Christmas story -- when he sent His only Son, Jesus into the world to die for us and pay for our sins. He did all that so we could have relationship with Him, have an abundant life here, and be able to be with Him for all eternity.

When you grow up a Christian your whole life, I think it can sometimes be easy to become passive about the whole Christmas story and Jesus' resurrection. But maybe we should think about it in this way... God didn't have to send Jesus for us. I'm sure God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and all the angels up there could have just stayed right where they were and had a fine time up in Heaven without giving another thought to all of us down here after Adam disobeyed in the very beginning. God didn't have to make the extra effort for us by sending us His Son to save us... but He did. He chose to. Why? Because of how much He loves us!

John 3:16 makes it very clear just how much God loves all of us -- he "SO loved the world"! He didn't just love us -- He SO loved us! And that is why that first Christmas happened. Because of God's great love for every person here on this earth. There would be no Christmas if God hadn't "so loved the world". But He did so love us. That's why we celebrate Christmas.

And that's why we truly can trust our Daddy and in what He tells us is true. <3
Reminds me of how much easier it was when their hands were this small and I thought I could hold them forever.....

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and I pray that you will have a fresh revelation of God's Love this New Year's Eve and throughout the coming year! Happy 2019 to each and every one of you, and God bless!! Write to ya next year! :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas movies I want to watch // 12 Days of Christmas Blog Party

Ahh, Christmas movies. I feel like I've been watching quite a few of them lately, but there are still those ones that I've thought and thought about watching, but just haven't gotten around to yet. Are there movies like that for you? Ones that you've thought for a long time, "I should watch that sometime", but have never taken the time to actually either get the movie from the library, or find it on Amazon/Netflix/etc., and so they just keep lingering on your "to be watched" list for days... and months... and years? Oh come on, I know I'm not the only one who does this... am I?

Well anywho, I thought I'd share some Christmas movies that I've been wanting to watch for a while now. (Maybe it will help motivate me to actually get to watching them, who knows. :P)

The Nativity Story
Image result for the nativity story
I've heard many good things about this movie from several friends now, and I think it's high time that I got to watching this! It looks like it would be a beautiful retelling of the first Christmas.

It's a Wonderful Life
Image result for it's a wonderful life cover
I KNOW. It's probably some sort of crime that I've never actually seen this classic film, but I'd really like to right this "wrong" this Christmas season.

Miracle on 34th Street
Image result for miracle on 34th cover
Yes, again, another classic Christmas movie that I still haven't seen yet! What is the world coming to?! But I'd really like to see this one sometime and experience this "classic-ness" that I've missed all these years. ;)

The Man Who Invented Christmas
Related image
My mom and I have seen several previews for this one, and it looks like it would be a rather fun, interesting watch! (Of course though, it would have been nice if they had come up with a different title for this -- obviously Charles Dickens or his book, A Christmas Carol did not invent Christmas... JESUS DID, PEOPLE. ;) )

Image result for elf movie
I've heard and seen things around about this movie for quite sometime now, and it looks like it might be a fun one... I kinda want to give it a try. xD

Christmas Oranges
Image result for christmas oranges
I remember seeing a preview for this on Amazon last Christmas, and it appealed to me quite a bit, but for some reason I never got around to actually watching it. Hopefully this year!

Christmas for a Dollar
Image result for christmas for a dollar
Yet another one that I've seen around the Christmas-movie-watching sphere but have never gotten around to watching yet. I just saw the other day another fellow blogger's post about how this was one of her favorite Christmas movies, and it made me want to watch it even more!

Hmmm.... *suddenly ponders* Well... maybe I should stop working on this post then and actually get to watching these movies instead of just talking about them... That's a thought. ;)

Oh, but before I go I must ask you guys -- Have you seen any of these movies? How did you like them? Which one would you especially recommend? Or is there one that you think I shouldn't waste my time on? :P I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have on these!

Also, don't forget to head on over to Stories by Firefly for more Christmas fun with the 12 Days of Christmas blog party going on!

Write to ya later! God bless!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Just for a laugh... Christmas 2018 Edition! // 12 Days of Christmas Blog Party

Well, here it is again... just a little over a week until CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Instead of asking the same age-old question nearly every person asks every time Christmas rolls around -- which is, "HOW is it almost Christmas again?" -- I'll just skip over that never-ending, unanswered question, and just get to celebrating this wonderful time of year with you guys with some joy and laughter! How about it? :D

This year I'm participating in the 12 Days of Christmas blog party hosted by the lovely Faith Potts over at her blog, Stories by Firefly! I thought I'd kick off my first post for the party with some festive fun -- so let's go and get on right into it!

Mary and the little drummer boy | Christian Funny Pictures - A time to laugh

"No 'pa-rum-pum-pum-pum-ing' right now, dear..."

This is ridiculously creative, I must say.

Exercising Frosty Snowman Funny Card
"Hey, man, have you tried the sun ray diet?"

That priceless moment when the scissors grab the wrapping paper and slide down the sheet....
YES! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL WHEN THAT HAPPENS. It makes wrapping Christmas presents so much more lovely!

The 19 Christmas Memes Till Christmas Event
Ohhhh ho ho, good one, Daddy. xD

Poor Christmas Tree all you get is water, if you're lucky 🎄🎄🎄
"That must have been quite a traumatic experience for you..."

When all else fails... GET 'EM A CANDLE!

hallmark christmas movie meme
Life could be so much simpler then!

Oh, and speaking of Hallmark Christmas movies.....

Who needs a whole two hours to learn about the spirit of Christmas and true love when you can just watch this (almost) equally satisfying three minute Hallmark Christmas movie!?

And we'll end our Christmas-y fun for now with this retelling of the Christmas story... as told by kids! Enjoy! :)

Well, that was fun! I hope you guys liked that! Which was your favorite meme/video? What's the best Christmas joke you've ever heard? Do you like watching Hallmark Christmas movies? How did you enjoy those cute kids' version of the Christmas story? ^_^

Be sure to hop on over to Faith's blog to catch all the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas blog party fun!! :D I hope you and your families are having a wonderful Christmas season so far! 
Write to ya later, and God bless!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

For all you NaNoWriMo-ers out there...

Well, National Novel Writing Month has officially come to a close.

Did I participate in NaNoWriMo? Well... no. But I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate all my dear friends who did. Even if you didn't get to finishing that entire 50,000-some-word novel, still -- good for you. You gave it your all. At least, I'm assuming you did... Maybe you actually didn't give it your all...

But anyway, you tried at least, which is more than this girl can say, because she didn't end up doing NaNoWriMo, or really much writing at all this past month.... (mostly because of life, school, etc.) So, I just wanted to say..... GOOD JOB, PEOPLES!!!
Related image

And just one more thing before I take my leave of this post. There's this YouTube video that I first saw several years ago by Broken Lens Productions that I've always thought would be fun to share with NaNoWriMo/writery people; So... here 'tis, NaNoWriMo/writery people! It's a humorous vlog proposing a new novel writing challenge... a 72 hour one! I hope you enjoy! ;)

Would you ever try this 3 day novel writing contest, or know of someone who would? XD Do you think it would even be possible?? (I might go for a short story in 72 hours, but yeah, I think that's about it. :P)

Again, congratulations to all of you who completed, or at least attempted in writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month!! I hope that this video amused you guys, and that you're having a wonderful start to your December! (IT'S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS TIME!!! YAAAAYYY!!! :D)

Write to ya later, and God bless!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thankful Every Day // A Thanksgiving Challenge!!

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW, guys!!! How did this happen???
Related image
It's kind of interesting, because I feel like back around September, I was really excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up this year, complete with all the "holiday vibes", ya know? But now it's like they have suddenly just snuck up on me... has this happened to you?

Well anywho, basically, I feel like I'm once again not quite prepared for the upcoming holidays that are going to be upon us, and even now are. However, me not being ready for them won't stop them from coming, so I'd better start getting prepared, "holiday vibes" or no.

So, again... Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! But how to get in a true "Thanksgiving mood"? Hmmm.... OH! Maybe by dishing out a little Thanksgiving challenge to you all!! How about it? :D
50 Photos to Take this Fall
Some of you may remember the Thankful Thursday posts I did around Thanksgiving last fall. I challenged myself, starting around the middle of October to the end of November, to write down at least one thing to be thankful for every day. So, I followed through on this challenge and posted the things I wrote down here on my blog on the Thankful Thursdays posts. (It was really quite fun! :) )

So then, November 30th was over. I looked over the things I had written down in my notebook the past how-many-ever-days I ended up doing it for, and was quite proud of myself, to be honest. I challenged myself to do a thing, and I stuck with it. Good job, Faith. But then on the first day of December, I wondered... Should I stop writing things down every day? Or should I keep going with this for a little while longer? It had started becoming a habit -- a good habit -- so I ended up deciding... How about we just keep going for now! So, I kept on writing down in my notebook at least one thing to be thankful for every day.

And you know what the best part is? I haven't stopped yet!
Image result for i regret nothing gif
(Though I have missed a few days here and there writing something down, it really hasn't been many, and I've actually kept up with it pretty consistently which I'm quite happy about :) )

Now it's been over a year since I started doing this, and it's been amazing how many things I've discovered that I can be grateful for! Of course, I'm sure I've repeated writing down the same things several times on different days, but it's been quite interesting to challenge myself to try to think of new things to be thankful for that God has blessed me with that I may have not even thought much about before.

I also usually write down something at the end of the day right before going to bed, so no matter if it was a fabulous or terrible day, it helps me to look back at the good parts of the day instead of the bad, and gets me into a more grateful attitude before going to sleep, which is always a good thing. :)

So now... I'm challenging YOU! Write down in a notebook, journal, on slips of paper to put in a jar, or whatever place you would like at least one thing that you can be thankful for every day for 30 days. And then afterwards, examine yourself... You might just find yourself in a more grateful and pleasant mood, looking more for the good in situations, and maybe even a little less complaining about things -- who knows! ;) These are a few things that I've personally found that have changed some in my attitude since I started writing these things down. Of course, doing this hasn't magically transformed everything about my life, but I have discovered that I've started being more aware of and grateful for the little things in life, as well as the big ones. So, for me it's been a great habit to form, especially in this season of my life right now.
We are blessed. John 1:16
SO... will you be trying this challenge?? Let me know in the comments if you are! (But you don't even have to do it for 30 days; you can do it for less, or more like I did, or whatever you'd like!)

I hope all of you have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving!! 
God bless! I'll write to ya later!

P.S. Also, just a quick reminder about the Q&A I'll be doing this month to celebrate my blog's 3rd year blogiversary -- If any of you still have any questions that you would like me to answer, be sure to head on over to this post, and ask away in the comments! It's gonna be a fun time! :)